Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jaen's Beach House - Olongapo City (Subic Bay)

Experience a laid-back, simple life at the beachfront!
is suitable for a short-term or long-term vacation ...
for foreigners, couples, family, company or group outing.
Affordable rate per beach house.
Laid-back and simple life can be experienced during your stay.

The Jaen's Beach House has TV, beds, private bathroom, heater, air con and/or electric fan, and stove for cooking. Basically, you can do anything as if you are in your own home.

For inquiries or reservation ...

please visit us at:

Jaen's Beach House
#37 Barrio Barretto, Baloy Long Beach
Olongapo City (Subic Bay), Zambales, Philippines
For inquiries or bookings,
please call any of the following contact numbers:
+639198483102 or +639291545511


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